Stitches, Staples & Hard Drives

WCS School PicA lot has been going on since our last post.  Our children are now back in school!  We currently have a K, 2nd , 4th, and 12th grader.  School brings about good routines for us.  Everyone is doing great in their new grade.  Outside of the classroom we are staying busy with choir, running club, and soccer games.

Laura has been doing some simplifying of our home.  She has been reorganizing and purging in an attempt to make our transition a little smoother as we prepare to sell our home.

I, Nate, have kicked off my final year as the youth pastor at Immanuel Church.  I truly feel this will be our most influential year yet.  I just did my least favorite event, a 10 hour overnighter with 40 teenagers.  I have discovered that I am old, and staying up all night is no longer fun for me.  Ha.  Now that it is out of the way, I can focus on what we hope to impart to our teenagers.

Our fundraising is going well.  This has been a very Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 6.21.22 PMhumbling time of relying on other people to catch the vision that God has called us to.  We have been reaching out to families and churches that have the same heart as we do.  We have currently reached 24% of our monthly support goal.  We recently had to increase our monthly budget totalPiggy Bank to $3,500/month as we were given more info as to what costs actually are in Costa Rica.  If you feel the Lord leading you to give financially, you can do so here.  Reagan and Abbi have been saving up as well.  I stumbled upon their piggy bank and I was very impressed!

Did I tell you how God is already supplying miraculously…While I was in Costa Rica in August, we received word that we have received a 50% discount for the school our children will be attending in Costa Rica!  They said that they have only ever given that to one other family!  Praise God!

Many things are still up in the air, but God is opening doors by giving us contacts to help us.  Last week I was texting and talking with two Costa Ricans who have served as translators on previous trips.  They are eager to help us find housing!

With all this going on, we need more prayer support than ever!  Three weeks ago Darrell had to get eight stitches above his eye due to a soccer collision.  One week later, Reagan had to get a staple in her head after a bad dismount from her bunk bed.  Last week my hard drive on my mac died.  As we continue to set our sights on Costa Rica, we know that the enemy is not happy about this.  The enemy knows that God has a plan to reach a nation.  Your prayer support is critical, we cannot do this without you!

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