Things I Will Miss When I Am Not A Youth Pastor

There are many things that have been running through my mind as these last months begin to fly by.  Here are just a few things that I will miss when I am no longer a Youth Pastor:

1.  A 6th grader pulling me aside to ask for prayer as he is nervous about going to Middle School for the first time.

2.  Being not cool.  I have never professed to be cool.  Never.  But being a Youth Pastor gave me the opportunity to make fun of myself.

3.  Feeling young.  Being a Youth Pastor gave me the illusion that I was still young, and at the same time showed me how old I was becoming.

Western Night

Western Night @ the Warehouse

4.  Getting paid to have fun.  Yes, my job description entails going to Six Flags, attending sporting events, being on facebook, planning sick and disgusting games, beach trips, camps, pool parties, eating cheeseburgers, etc…

5.  I have learned the art of making fun of teenagers while still being funny, and still keeping teens as my friends.

6.  Text messages asking hard questions about the Bible.

7.  Having a snack bar 100 feet from my office.  Hopefully I can lose some weight in Costa Rica.

8.  Knowing exactly what I am going to wear on Sunday nights: jeans and a Warehouse t-shirt, my unofficial uniform.

9.  Laying on the floor at camp responding to God’s Word.

10.  Keeping up with the new social media app of the week.

11.  Watching teens grow in their faith year after year.

12.  Awkward side hugs.

13.  Preaching, teaching and guiding teens through the drama of life.

14.  Knowing what is ok to say and what is not.  Meanings of words change over time.  It is good to be aware of when this happens.

15.  Having a good reason for looking exhausted 24/7.

16.  Having an office where it is acceptable to have not only one, but two hammocks hanging from the rafters.

17.  Building relationships with teenagers and walking with them as they cross over into “young adulthood”.

18.  Welcoming teenagers into our home on a regular basis.

19.  Imparting my heart for missions into teenager’s lives as we served alongside each other on mission trips.


Warehouse Crew


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