My Parents

I have had two great cheerleaders my entire life.  These two have encouraged me to follow after the Lord in all that I do.  They jump onboard with what I feel God is asking of me and help me through the process.  They ask the hard questions to make sure that I have thought through it all, while not expecting me to have all the answers at the same time.


They are my parents.

I have been so blessed to have the parents that God gave me.  I have seen my parents work hard all of my life to provide for us, yet never compromising the call of God on their lives.  I have seen them face adversity and stand for truth even when it was not popular.

My parents are my heros.  They are amazing grandparents to all of our children.  They are generous, loving, and can make me laugh so easily.

One of my fondest memories of my dad was checking out our move to Haiti nine years ago.  We shared a tiny, dirty, and hot hotel room.  We talked about everything as we watched mangos fall from trees nearly hitting people all while we sipped cold Coca-Colas.  We would laugh at the ever growing sweat marks overtaking our t-shirts.  He has always been there for me.

I will always remember my mom throwing me down into the snow while trying to cut down our family Christmas tree (I was hiding from my brothers who were trying to throw snowballs at me).  But I will also remember all of those times she picked me up and held me.  She is a one-of-a-kind mother who always is ready to love on me.

We would not be taking this next adventure if they had not let me go so long ago.  I remember leaving my sophomore year of college to go pursue ministry in Atlanta.  I cried the entire 14 hour drive south.  I’m a mommy and daddy’s boy at heart.  They trusted the God inside of me, no matter how far it took me from them.

Now leaving with five of their grandchildren, I know it will be bittersweet for them.  We just had a great weekend with them in our home in Delaware.

Mom and Dad, hopefully I can be the kind of parents you have been to me!  I also hope that when it comes time for me to let go of my children, that I can surrender them to God’s will and purpose as you did with me.

[P.S. I have great in-laws too!]

2 thoughts on “My Parents

  1. You have awesome parents and how wonderful they get to see the fruit of their labor in you. What a tribute of love and honor for the hardest job in the world yet the most rewarding! Thank YOU for being a great example of how to love our parents.

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