Facts and Faith

In response to the questions we are getting about our support-raising, here are the current facts:

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.40.14 AM

  • So far we have 27 Monthly Supports that have joined our team.
  • Our Monthly Supporters give gifts between $10-$300 a month.
  • We are currently 39% funded towards our goal.
  • To be on track, by the end of November we need to be 50% funded (this is an increase of $360 of new Monthly Supporters).
  • 7.5 months left until we move.  It’s coming fast!
  • We desperately need your PRAYER SUPPORT!  These next 7.5 months need to be soaked in prayer as there is so much to do and so many details to be sorted out.

There are the facts.  Here is the faith in action:

  • We are so blessed by each person who has given monthly and one-time gifts.  God is truly in this, and we see it with each new gift that comes in.  We know that many of our givers are giving in faith, thank you so much!
  • Each step we take seems to be another step of faith.  Each step also makes it more real that we are moving in less than 7.5 months.  Last week we secured a storage unit.  The purge is happening and we are hoping to list our home in January.  Last week Laura excitedly announced to me, “I can see the back of the attic now!”
  • IMG_3665IMG_3663
  • Craigslist has already helped us get rid of some items that we do not want to store.  We are also now pet-free!  The cat that we thought adopted us actually left, and a friend has already taken our guinea pigs (don’t remind Abbi though)!
  • Nate will be attending a Praying Pelican Missions week of meetings in December and then going to Costa Rica for a week in January.
  • We are moving forward in faith and are looking at a flying date of June 15th!

If you feel the Lord leading you to join our giving team, you can begin by clicking on the following link:  DONATE HERE

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