Christmas Has Already Invaded Our Home!

As Thanksgiving break has now hit us, we are all at home and the kids are running around watching the first snow fall.  Our house is already decorated for Christmas.  Yes, we are that family.  (By the way this is Nate writing.)  Our family loves Christmas, especially Laura.  Usually I am the one putting on the brakes about decorating early, watching Christmas movies early, and listening to Christmas music early.  But this year is different.  Don’t get me wrong, I did still ask Laura to shut the blinds last Saturday so that our neighbors would not see the glow of Christmas lights beaming from inside our house.  And yes, my family will probably still call me “the Grinch” this year, but it’s ok.


This year is different.  Our tree is up.  Christmas movies are all ready being recorded on our DVR.  Christmas music is being played.  We made our first batch of “buckeyes” last week (and they are all already devoured).  I even already put out the Christmas lights outside!

So why aren’t the brakes on for Christmas this year?  This is it.  Next year at this time we will be in Costa Rica for Thanksgiving.  We will be preparing for a return to the U.S. in December so the hustle and bustle of this time of year will be very different for us next year.  Next year’s Christmas will not be spent in our own “home.”  We will probably still decorate our Costa Rican home for Christmas, but more than likely we will not celebrate Christmas there.  Christmas will be spent at both of our parent’s homes (attn: Parents – please start building an addition now).

We are also preparing our home to be put on the market in January.  As we are hanging the lights we are spackling holes, spot painting, and becoming best friends with the magic eraser.

Next year things will be different.  We will be finding new ways to make Christmas memories.  Abbi already told me, “palm trees don’t have too many branches to decorate.”  I assured her that we could find a Christmas tree, as I already asked one of the PPM translators about this since this is huge for our family.

This is a bittersweet time.  As we are going through many “lasts” we are trying to keep it all in perspective.  Many amazing “firsts” will be happening soon enough.

PRAISE REPORT:  All though we still have not reached October’s goal for monthly support, we are praying for 4 churches that are meeting in the next few weeks to see if God moves upon their hearts to support us as their missionaries.  Will you pray along with us for this to happen?  

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!  Give thanks, He is worthy of all our praise!

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