Dos Casas


Last week I traveled with three other fellow Pelicans (that’s what we call PPM staff) throughout Costa Rica meeting with pastors.  Every night we stayed in a new location as we ventured over mountains, past waterfalls, over rivers and alongside the coast.  It was amazing to hear our partnering pastor’s hearts and vision for their communities, and then discussing how we can come alongside them to make the dream a reality. It is PPM’s heart to assist the local church under the leadership of the local pastor.  Our pastors are really excited about how God is using PPM to help reach out in their communities.  We are so privileged to be part of a ministry that has a huge vision!

One of the goals of last week was to also do some house hunting.  We should have made a video of the whole day as it felt like we were on House Hunters International.  We saw a couple different types of properties and after looking through the pictures and videos numerous times, we have settled on a house we are calling “Casa Verde” (Green House).  This house is about five minutes outside of Liberia in an area known as Carana.  The house is now secured and it waiting for us!  We feel so much peace about this decision, and it eases many anxious thoughts of what we need to pack to make it a home.  Thank you to those who were praying specifically for our new home!

After coming home from Costa Rica and maIMG_5248king the difficult housing decision, we were also frantically doing last minute clean-ups and fix-ups on our current home in Wilmington, Delaware.  Today the house had a photo shoot and will be listed very, very soon.  It was a surreal moment driving home and seeing the “For Sale” sign in our front yard.  Would you take a moment right now and pray that the house sells at the perfect time for the perfect price?  We know that God is in this!

So in a matter of a few days we have acquired a house in Costa Rica and listed a house in Delaware!

On the support raising side, we have added $325 in Monthly Support since January 1st.  We are only $125 away from the goal we set for the month.  We also reached a milestone, we are now 50% funded!  This helps us continue towards our departure date of June 15th!IMG_5234

2 thoughts on “Dos Casas

  1. Mi casa ‘es su Casa….so ….does that mean Your Casa is Our Casa? Sign me “Anglos looking for Warmth”! ps. love you guys and excited about this next step!

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