A New Realization

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 3.27.22 PMOk, it is not a new realization, but it is a new reality for me.  We have had some good weather this past week.  The flowers are blooming, spring has finally sprung!

Laura always gets on my case for turning the AC on too early, but when I feel a little sticky, I do not do well.

74 degree weather is great right?  Well, here is the reality.  That is about the LOW of an average night right now where we will be living in Costa Rica.  When I could not sleep last night because I was soooo hot, I realized that this heat is nothing at all compared to what we will soon be experiencing.

All this to say, we are going to be so stinkin’ hot!  Pray for us!


Next week Laura and I will be participating in Praying Pelican Missions Spring Meetings. This is a time when all of the full-time and seasonal staff gather to get instructions, pray together, and plan for the summer mission trips.  Laura and I secretly attended these meetings last year, trying to dodge the camera to not be seen on social media until we were able to announce our big move.  One year later and now we are weeks away from flying!

Speaking of flying, April 26th, Laura and I will be flying from our meetings in Florida to Liberia, Costa Rica to begin setting up our new home.  A missionary in Belize gave us advice to get the house ready before the family moves down and I believe it will be very beneficial.  Our home is empty.  Empty, except for one bed frame.  We have a lot to cram into six days such as purchasing large items for the house (beds, refrigerator, stove, washer, furniture), along with setting up a P.O. Box, bank account, looking into purchasing our family vehicle, and a visit to our children’s new school.  Would you please pray that we can get everything accomplished in the little time that we have?

We all make the big move in a mere 61 days!  We are 82% funded in Monthly Support, and 4% funded toward the purchase of our family vehicle.

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