I Had a Meltdown

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 7.54.41 PMWe have just returned from our house set-up trip in Costa Rica.  We are happy to report that we survived the hottest day of the whole year.  It was rough.  It was hot.  We found relief in seeing Ticos (what Costa Ricans are called) sweating.  We were not alone!  But that wasn’t the meltdown…

Our five days in Costa Rica were filled to the max.  We quickly learned that life moves at a different pace in Costa Rica.  Where we from the U.S. are task oriented, Ticos are more relationship oriented.  We could learn a lot from them, and we hope to! Hours were spent at many stores, getting a bank account, moving things to our home, and maneuvering around Liberia.

In comes the meltdown…I can’t even remember what day it was, but I was riding along with a man who was transporting our things.  On the final ride of the day, the reality of moving our family of seven to Costa Rica hit me.  And it hit me hard.  It wasn’t just a “oh this is going to be hard” kind of thought, it was a gush of fear that overtook me.  Isn’t that just like the devil?

I quickly texted a friend and asked for immediate prayer and then I made the mistake of calling home to check on our kids. I say mistake because that’s when the tear flood-gates opened.  I learned a quick lesson, when on the verge of tears, don’t call Mom!  I quickly was a blubbering mess and she was quick to affirm me.  The phone call didn’t last long, because I knew Laura and our translator Ciri would be back soon and I needed to clean up my mess of a face.  The fear didn’t go away though. Neither did my mess of a face.

How did the meltdown subside?  YOU.  Literally I began to think about the people who have been praying, giving and supporting us in numerous ways.  In a moment’s time, my fears subsided.  I realized that God was not sending us alone, but with a massive team of people who believe in us and who want to see God use us to impact Costa Rica.  I discovered what the real meaning of “partners in ministry.”  THANK YOU so much from the bottom of my heart.  We need you!

I know this is not my last meltdown.  I know the enemy will try to sneak in and look for a chance to pounce on me.  Yet more than ever before, I see the faithfulness of the Lord and His people.  I’m learning that we will not always be comfortable (for sure), but we can be confident of the calling for the day we are in.  Day by day, hour by hour we can stand secure in a loving God who has called us and has a purpose for our lives.

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