power blogTwo weeks ago we had the opportunity to visit a pastor up near the border of Nicaragua.  My favorite part of these meetings is to hear the pastor’s testimonies.  For this one I was on the edge of my seat, although I had already heard part of it.

After being bullied by church kids because his appearance (he was from a poor family), he decided to leave his immediate family, church and God.  He wanted to be somebody and his cousins took him to witch-doctor to help fix all of his problems.  As soon as he met the witch-doctor, the witch-doctor called his name (which no one had told him).  He then began to tell the young boy that there was a problem.  When he was young his mother had dedicated him to the Lord.  Therefore, the witch-doctor had no power over the boy!  Also, the witch-doctor said that his mother had been praying for him.

Read that again!  The witch-doctor had no power over the boy because he was given to God and Mama was praying!

Far too often we forget the power of God!  If the Bible is true (which it is) there is no limit to what God can do in and through our lives!  We give the enemy way too much credit for the bad things in our lives.  Where is the freedom in that kind of living?  We were bought at a price!  God gave his Son to redeem us and put his seal on our lives.

Lets walk in the freedom today that God is big, sovereign, and continually working on behalf of His children!

5 thoughts on “Power!

  1. Thanks for sharing. What a testimony!                                              Alice

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