Video of Last Week’s Trip

It’s really hard to put into words how amazing last week’s trip was.  We were able to meet with eight different pastors & churches all over Costa Rica.  We heard testimonies of God’s grace, healing miracles, spiritual attacks, lonely times, stories of perseverance and endurance, and most of all…the faithfulness of God!

This week made the last four months all worth it for me.  I count it a joy to be able to call this my “job!’  Praying Pelican Missions is truly connecting the local church on a global level.

Watch this video to see a summary of our week together!

-Video courtesy of Carolina Forest Community Church, Charles Fox-

4 thoughts on “Video of Last Week’s Trip

  1. Beautiful!!! Go get ’em!!! We pray for you guys…for more encounters for you and His people. We miss each of you, but are blessed for a picture in what God is doing. Love to you all, The Stones

  2. Wonderful video! It is great to see how God is using you all! Our prayers are with you in all God has for you to do in his name! Thanks for sharing the videos! The Iorizzo family

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