Listening Through the “Noise”

It is rainy season here in Liberia, Costa Rica.  That means that nearly every afternoon there will be rain.  Let me describe our house to you.  We have a tin roof with wood beams to support it, and then a very thin ceiling.  Our rains here are not little, they are overwhelming.  So much so that last week I experienced the loudest thunderstorm of my life.  We were even outside digging trenches to divert the flood waters from coming in the house (as well as saving our rabbit from being swept away!)

When it’s raining here, you can’t hear anything!  Imagine tin roof, concrete walls, old terracotta floors (no carpet).  It is LOUD!  It is nearly impossible to watch TV during the rain because the TV doesn’t get loud enough to cover up the noise of the rain.

It’s here that I found a teachable moment in my own life.  Many times we get overwhelmed with life, activities, family, personal things, and even ministry.  It seems like a crescendo of noise growing louder and louder.  We think that we can just turn up the good “noise” louder than the bad “noise” and it will override the bad.  In reality, it just gets more overwhelming than before.

Then the lightning flashes, the thunder shakes the house, the rain pounds and BOOM…the electricity goes out.  The wifi router is fried.  The fans silence.  The music stops.  The only noise is the rain hitting the house and the waterfall effect of rushing water off the house hitting the concrete driveway.

The rain stops and you try to go to bed.  But now, it’s too quiet!  (Laura has trained the entire family to sleep with a fan on for “noise”).

It seems that I can’t be content.  Navigating through a new culture, language, life-style brings a lot of “noise,” but where is God in it all?  At times He is in the noise calling for us to come out and separate ourselves from the busy-ness of life.  At times He is whispering in the silence.  God is always here.  Always listening and always ready to speak if only we stop and listen.

So what have I heard lately, not much.  Except this week I was encouraged to have the words rush through my mind over and over “consecrate yourself.”  It took me to Joshua 3:5 where it says:

Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do amazing things among you.”

I don’t know what “tomorrow” holds, but I know my job for this season.

Consecrate.  Dedicate.  Purify.  Separate yourself.  Make ready.

What are you hearing through the “noise” of life?  I’m praying that as I remove the “noise” I can draw closer to God than ever before.

2 thoughts on “Listening Through the “Noise”

  1. Thank you for your beautiful insight Nate. I really enjoy reading your blog and hearing about your life in Costa Rica. May God continue to richly bless you and your beautiful family.

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