5 Month Video & Prayer Requests

We have now been in Costa Rica for 5 months!  Each day we are here is a day to celebrate.  The missionary life is not easy, but we know that it is worth it.  This video sums up our last 5 months in Costa Rica!


  1. Staff Training Retreat.  This Friday-Saturday (November 13-14) we will be taking 3 old staff and 3 new staff to our first ever staff training retreat.  Please pray that this time would be fruitful and beneficial as we prepare for a record-setting number of short-term missionaries coming in 2016!
  2. Visiting Pastors.  Sunday-Wednesday (November 15-18) we will be visiting about 7 different local pastors and churches on the other side of Costa Rica.  This will entail a lot of driving, so please pray for traveling mercies.  Pray that we can encourage the pastors and collect the right information to be able to help each of these churches by bringing in a short-term missions team.
  3. Our Van.  We have had continued problems with our van, even after having the same problem fixed repeatedly.  Pray that God would sustain and keep our van reliable!

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch the video, read this email, and lift our requests before the One who holds it all together!

One thought on “5 Month Video & Prayer Requests

  1. Nathan & Laura,      Thanks for sharing the video; I think I’ll watch it again. I hope the staff training is going well. We will keep you & the van in prayer as youtravel to visit pastors. God bless!                                                                           Alice

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