Pelican Watching

flying pelican

We live in Costa Rica, so there’s no question about it, we get to visit some very beautiful beaches.  (No, I’m not rubbing it in, it’s just a fact).

As Praying “Pelican” Missionaries, our kids are always pointing out each pelican sighting at the beach.  We even call the staff and  participants “pelicans.”

Recently at one particular beach, there was a ton of pelicans flying, diving, and sitting perched on rocks out in the ocean.  I was enamored watching them fly around and laughed as they swooped down pretty low near Laura (she hates birds).

After a few minutes I noticed a couple of things about pelicans:

Pelicans are intentional.  They are known for their fishing ability.  They don’t just dive down and “hope” they catch a fish in their mouth.  They are deliberate in searching for and catching their fish.  They soar high above the water and when the precise opportunity comes, they dive into the water.

Pelicans know where and when to fish.  Laura and I were amazed at the large amount of pelicans at one particular beach.  It wasn’t until we got close to the water that we realized why there were so many pelicans.  The ocean stunk like fish worse than we had ever smelled in Costa Rica.  And that’s why the pelicans were there.  It was prime fishing waters.

diving pelican

Just last week, one of PPM’s amazing leaders, Rob, was meeting with some leaders in a country where we are now serving.  The leader shared with Rob the following words:  “I used to be a fisherman. In bad weather, when we could not see, we would look for the pelicans. They would always show us where the fish were.”

As Missionaries in Costa Rica with Praying Pelican Missions, we couldn’t be happier to be called “Pelicans.”  One of the things that drew us to PPM was how intentional they were to build relationships and make ministry happen.  I was a participant on five PPM trips before joining PPM as staff and moving to Costa Rica, and Pelicans definitely know where to fish.  Part of my job as a missionary here is to locate and build relationships with local pastors, churches and organizations that are already in the “fishing” business, making ministry opportunities easy to find for teams that come to serve.

In Matthew 4:19, it says that Jesus was calling disciples to become “fishers of men.”  We are so honored to have quality ministry partners that are expert fishers, wholeheartedly reaching out to their communities for Christ.  PrintLogoBlackTextColorLogo-01.jpg

Thank you to all of those who have been praying for and supporting us as we seek to be fishers of men in Costa Rica with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

5 thoughts on “Pelican Watching

  1. Nicely put Nate. I am so thankful that I have got to participate in one of the PPM…..missions in Costa Rica. Lives were changed. Glory to God!

  2. Nathan,     Thanks for sharing about pelicans. I have seen a few on trips to CA to visit my daughter & her family. We are praying for you, your family, & ministry this afternoon. We had a nice card from Darrell.                                                                                                        Alice

  3. Observed the same recently in Mexico! Great writing and observing Nate! Keep up the good work for the Lord. Blessings and Love, Barb


  4. Thank you for the message about your “fishing” for hungry souls. No matter where we are there are people searching for a peace they cannot find without walking with the Lord. It is my joy to hear from you about your calling. Blessings to all of you. Angie Grib.

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