Before the Go

A week ago on Friday, we had our monthly staff gathering at our house in Costa Rica.  About 15 of our staff gathered to eat good food, worship, and hang out together.  Just a day before our gathering, I felt God show me that we need to spend time preparing spiritually before we embark on the biggest summer of ministry in the history of Praying Pelican Missions in Costa Rica.

FullSizeRenderI was led to Joshua 3, where the Israelites have reached the Jordan River.  Sitting in our dining room, we read Joshua 3 and pointed out what it meant to us all as we were on the banks of our Jordan River of summer trips.

Yet from reading the entire chapter, we see that the miracle may not have taken place if they didn’t do what Joshua commanded in Joshua 3:5…

“Consecrate yourselves, for the Lord will do wonders among you.”

The decisions that we make today can have huge effects on our tomorrow.  Here in Joshua, we see that Joshua did not want the Israelites to take any baggage into the Promised Land.  He wanted them to spend time consecrating themselves, purifying and preparing for what lies ahead.

We would be foolish to think that we can storm into the next 10 weeks with 24 mission trips in our own strength.  That is beyond foolish.  As a group we talked about how God was asking us to go deeper and wider in order to spread the Gospel.  Sometimes to get a different result in life we have to do something different.

I encouraged our staff to go back to that place where we first loved Jesus, or that place where we were most on-fire for the Lord.  Then I asked, how do we get back there?  What steps can we take to consecrate ourselves for the work of the Lord?  For some of us it was fasting for a week, taking time off of social media, or waking up early to spend time with Jesus.

Why do this?  For the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  Denying ourselves for a week to seek the Lord can only bring about more glory to Jesus.  Seeking His face, when we have done all we can on the human side to set up amazing, life-changing mission trips with our local pastors.

I write this on the eve of standing at the bank of our Jordan River of summer mission trips.  Tomorrow it begins…10 weeks, 24 trips, 522 missionaries coming to Costa Rica.

Our prayer this summer is that Jesus is lifted higher as we humble ourselves to serve.

One thought on “Before the Go

  1. Nathan,     Blessings to you as you begin your 10 weeks of summer mission trips with 522 missionaries coming.I know our church group is looking forward to their time with all of you. We will pray that Jesus is lifted higher! Have an anointed & successful week of ministry.                                                                                                                         Alice

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